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Povodokus – Pistol Shaped Dog Leash

Povodokus sports a gun-shaped handle, which retracts the leash when you need to control your target dog. It’s a sure shot! The lead goes out freely as the dog pulls and reels in when you pull the trigger. (Designed by: Art Lebedev Studio)



Author:   Date posted: Apr 8th, 2011
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  • Nfrisky

    Thats Sick, I do not agree with this at all…

  • Ms Plow

    that doesn’t seem like a good idea at all

  • Yana M


  • Raison d’Etre


  • Wobbuffet

    Very creepy…how is a cop not going to think youre not shooting your dog?

  • TC

    At first, I thought COOL…but then, i thought to myself…that’s a REALLY REALLY BAD idea. I think if someone didn’t see the dog on the leash, they would probably call 911. Plus, I they probably will do that at the sight of someone “shooting” a dog in the first place…


    not cool!

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  • saucy

    man all of you need to get a sense of humor reading these comments just shows how closed minded and just flat out dumb our soceity really is. This product is hilarious and the reactions id get from people while walking my would have me walking my dog twice as much. Loosen up everybody allow for creativity and dont stick with just the ordinary.

  • zi