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Photographer Follows His Girlfriend Around The World

In his photo series “Follow Me To”, Russian photographer Murad Osmann is taking the viewer on an intimate journey together with his girlfriend who’s leading him around the world. The pose is almost the same in every picture: the girl never shows her face, and the guy almost never lets go of her hand. The settings change from Moscow to London to Venice to a number of different locations in Russia, revealing their passion for travel.

“For me photography is about capturing things other people might miss. It’s a way to communicate,” says Murad. Well, his loving message of trust is very clear in these photos, enjoy!


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What do you think?

  • Rae

    This is awesome. And the gf is hot.

  • RW

    Eat your heart out Pippa !

  • Amber Lara

    Wow, the guy must be really inlove.. what a great photos they’ve come up with! Such a great concept! Nice work..Cheers! :)

  • Impact Creative via Facebook

    This looks nothing like an ‘intimate journey’. It looks like a photographer with a big ego looking for an excuse to show the world what a aesthetically beautiful girlfriend he has, and she seems more than willing to dress up for the camera in highly staged shots. What’s intimate about that? Beautiful photographs otherwise, it’s a shame most viewers will be too busy looking at her ass to notice.

    • David

      By the way, shots may even be interesting, but he totally ruined them with excessive photoshop… These saturated colors are disgusting. Image quality in this project is non existent.

    • Steve T

      I was.

  • Going to puke

    Why is her looks so important to you all? Obviously the guy just wanted to satisfy his ego and wanted this reaction of people, and he got just that. The idea of hiding that with fake sentimental photos is pathetic… I don’t feel any happiness, pics are not spontaneous at all, they are photoshopped, her wardrobe carefully chosen just for the occasion…makes me want to puke. Everything is so fake that I’m beginning to doubt that she is his girlfriend at all. One thing is true: they found each other, two attention seeking ……

    • Nathan Root

      Post your travel photo’s, I would like to tell you how little talent you have also or can you not use a camera? Of course they have gone through photoshop, of course they are staged, that’s the point of a series like this. I don’t see how some one wanting to share a great idea like this is attention seeking. What exactly is your post if not exactly that ?? Or any art for that matter. Would you like it more if he got a girl who wasn’t as attractive, some one who wasn’t his girlfriend to pose for the photo’s ? Or would you then just criticize her weight ? The sad talentless bitter unoriginal people of this world do nothing but make up the numbers and try to drag others down to their level. The series wasn’t perfect but I liked it and appreciate someone making my day a little bit better!

      • maple4546

        You are making a straw man argument. If you like the photos, great. but not everyone feels the same as you do.

  • Frananananaaaaa

    These guys are all faggots, i didn’t once look at how its photo shopped or processed or what ever,I’m a real guy!I looked at that ASS

  • Get ITT

    they must have alot of money….

  • Kagura Chan

    I bet she eats three solid meals a month…

  • none

    with an ass like that, i’d follow her around the entire world too

  • Deformat

    “Rich guy trys to break into photography by paying his model girlfriend to fly around the world with him” Cartier-bresson would be turning in his grave

  • Jono Stew

    It’s funny how the dudes arm gets hairy and then shaved….

    • Ellen

      probably those pics were taking during the passage of years. I doubt even a millionaire would have the time to travel to all these places in a row.

      • ty

        yea he must have some bucks to actually do that

  • Stacy Summers

    stunning photos!

  • sazzay

    Photographer Follows HIs Girlfriend’s Ass Around The World

  • Pedro

    Its a wonderful job, very creative and pleasure to see! Do you want “reality”? “The real deal, the deep truth?” Cmonn, where is the good humuor to apreciatte a nice creation?

    • maple4546

      Yes, I like reality. The real deal, the deep truth. It’s call art. The only way to go.

  • Caitlin

    ha she does have a really nice ass though !

  • Alexandre Do

    thats a nice ass, but I’ve seen better shots out of instagram.
    It’s just a rich guy taking picture of his hot gf around the world, nothing to get excited or emotional about

  • Willy Duit

    Stupid. I could do this with a green screen in 10 minutes. Crazy ego trip.

    • Michael Davenport

      I patiently await your post

  • Catrina Coleman

    Don’t be so “negative” people. Ha. :P

    I love these! I think they’re absolutely fabulous, the idea, the girl (who doesn’t like to look at pretty?) And photoshopping… is an art form and fun unto itself. Chances are, they had fun taking them, had fun post processing them, and sharing them. So if you’re feeling justified in negatively critiquing, it’s the viewers loss.

  • Shaman Shattik

    Wow Great! Love theseট। In my mother tongue: “নেশা ধরিয়ে দেয়ার মত।”

  • Jukka Juvankoski


  • northstar43

    nice concept. the picture quality could have been better, but all said and done I guess they had a great time :):)

  • sweetkomal

    my favourite is the eighth one..much more natural

  • Bronwyn Beukes

    …the truth is, he really can’t let go of her…his not really following her, she’s following him!

  • S.B.

    People keep banging on about the quality of the pics, but it is the quality of the comments that fucking baffles me. Half of them build on the idea “let’s says something nasty”.

    • Marques

      Part of human evolution is growing out of this kind of mindset. Gettin’ there :)

  • Lucas

    These pictures are awesome! Sadly there people so jealous that put fault in everything: “No feeling is pure photoshoo, this is not his girlfriend.” Please go find something to do. PS: The girl is beautiful yes, but if you think that ass the most, please come to Brazil and you will have another idea about it. Let the people be happy.

  • Tore

    I would have followed her too…

  • Alon

    Not really “Ugly in the face”.. :)

  • azunya

    its a great art but it looks like photoshoooppp…

  • Dan

    Some guy already did this with his really fat girlfriend. You couldn’t see enough of the scenery to tell where they were, but the captions said they had a really great time. These shots are just some rich guy with his model girlfriend. Booooring.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I think it might be the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in awhile. ♥

  • maple4546

    I agree about the egocentric photographer using too-highly staged pics with too much Photoshop, to show off his hot gf — but also, this photo series makes me feel sad. Travel is a nice buzz, but it can become an addiction when people keep rushing too fast to really learn much about any of the places they visit. They see each places only very superfically (this can apply just as much to backpackers as to package-tour people). This couple may not be like that, but their photos convey that feeling. All we see is the same woman in the same pose, against a series of stock postcard backdrops. Sad.

  • ABs PubAnd Grill Parys

    photoshopped or not, the concept is great! Love it ! :)

  • ABs PubAnd Grill Parys

    And everyone who bitches about it, is either jealous they don’t have a hot girlfriend like her, or that they can’t take a photo like this dude, or have the imagination that he has. It’s a great concept, whether photoshopped or not. So, there.

  • Andy

    Holy smoke, that ass is glorious!

  • mendez

    would be happy to burst her ass

  • swampwiz

    His g/f is smoking hot.

  • Kevin

    This is lame.. if I would have his money to travel around the world I would do it in style ”with two girlfriends” :)

  • Marques

    Iz beeying jujmentul mor favribul than just upreeshyiating Xpreshyun?

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