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50 Perfectly Timed Animal Photos

Animal photography requires a great deal of time, patience, and some say luck…and this is where the debate starts. What part does luck play in photography?

We rounded up 50 examples of perfectly timed animal photos which seem like pure luck. Most of these shots are so incredible that if you blinked you would have missed it! But as a popular saying goes:

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

What about you? What part does luck play in your photography?

P.S: we’ve tried our best to credit each and every photographer, but just couldn’t track some of them. Please leave a comment if you know the missing authors.

Image credits: buzzfeed

Image credits: buzzfeed

Photo by David Maitland

Photo by Urs Schmidli

Photo by Hakan Pekbelgin

Photo by Yvonne Van Eck

Photo by Mahmoud Edeeb

Photo by Pam Mullins

Photo by Tustel Ico

Photo by: José Luis Rodríguez

Photo by Anders Grönlund

Photo by Zoltan Gyori

Photo by yaki zander

Photo by Vedran Vidak

Photo by yaki zander

Photo by cherly

Photo by Seth Casteel

Photo by Marsel van Oosten

Photo by Harry Roekens

Photo by Marco Sartori

Photo by Carli Davidson

Photo by nissim

Photo by Roeselien Raimond

Photo by Marina Cano

Photo by shimi eni

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  • Pat Deagan via Facebook

    J’aime la “bear surprise” et la lichette de giraffe, particulierement :)

  • Kirsten Wright

    the second photo – the bears – looks like it could be a Thomas Mangelson

  • Rakesh Gupta

    Superb..just super duper awesome… love them all :)

  • Tim Kaa via Facebook

    wow gorgeous. did one of these win any award?

  • Kevin Ross via Facebook

    Maybe this is me being cynical, but that eagle I’m pretty sure was shop’ed into the photo with the jet trails. The pixellation and coloring isn’t natural. Everything else – amazing.

  • Anonymous

    These are amazing, beautiful (and some funny) photos.
    In the picture of the fish and the falcon, the face on fish is absolutely hilarious oOo

  • Neilanjulie

    wonderful pictures! such great talent and a joy to see! Thank you!!!!

  • vivoutlaw

    Some of them very astonishing ones…….. Really worth watching this pics….Thanks :)

  • Nicole_the_Awesome

    Lol… these are too gunny and cute! And amazing too! ;)

  • Veikko Turunen

    30 on ihana

  • Elva Sands

    Breathtaking photography. 

  • Marle Van Rensburg

    Love it

  • Marle Van Rensburg

    Love it!

  • Myemail

    cat and the mouse is fake (Photoshop)

  • patrick dinneen

    stunning, excellent

  • GardenGnomes

    same her, im just like “caterpillar… wow… fascinating (sarcasm)’ then I saw your comment and looked back up and was like “ooohhh” haha

  • Ethan Lim

    The image of Pink-necked green pigeon with 2 chicks under her wings, was taken by Mr. Ric Seet. Kindly credit him accordingly. This image has been leeched from his Flickr site and was going around the internet without his acknowledgement and credits to him.

    To verify, please go to

    or contact him directly

  • Feli1089

    Muy buenas fotografías, felicitaciones

  • Peeker Boo

    Stunning pictures!

  • Javed

    very nice pix,s.

  • Mriddulgame

    Vary Nice photos

  • Cari Parker

    The three foxes looks to ME like a progression image – same fox in different stages of yawning… with the first image being the one on the far right, ending in the one of the far left. The toes on his right front foot give that away… just as the difference in the amount of teeth showing in each photo shows the progression. At least, that’s MY take on it. Still, I enjoyed looked at all of the photos. Thanks to whomever put this collection together. :)

  • starlight

    Wow these photos are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mohammed mahmmod

    who many spends time to take these amazing photo >

  • ravi

    super, really fantastic photos

  • Paulo André

    I think it´s amazing