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What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave your kids thousands of stickers and complete freedom?

Then you have to see these cool pictures taken in the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. Artist Yayoi Kusama recreated Australian domestic environment, complete with locally sourced furniture and ornamentation, all of which has been painted completely white to serve as a giant white canvas. The museum’s smallest visitors were then given thousands of colored dot stickers and invited to transform the space.

As with many of Kusama’s works, the current installation entitled The Obliteration Room is “disarmingly simple in its elemental composition; however, it brilliantly exploits the framework of its presentation”. It is also part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition running trough March 12.

(via: demilked)

Photo credits: Stupie, HeyBubbles, sridgway, Grenzeloos1,

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  • Sara Smolińska via Facebook

    This is why you SHOULD!!! :D

  • Krisztina Gyurkovits via Facebook

    I know! I know !We gonna play Twister Wiz n I !

  • Zsófi Mánya via Facebook

    this is why you should give stickers to kids!

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    Very cool!

  • Trishy Sanchez via Facebook

    It looks awesome creativity like kids have imaginative minds so thy should that right there is art

  • Nicola Duke via Facebook

    I love this!

  • Bobbyb Brown via Facebook


  • Tomasz Kania via Facebook

    MODERN ART. SB should take a look at this ;)

  • Susana U. Gómez via Facebook

    Great, I’ve loved it

  • Mandy Meeks via Facebook

    Brilliant!!No more need for wallpaper!

  • Shain Wells via Facebook

    No, that’s why you SHOULD give stickers to children – it’s brilliant!

  • Franco J. Torres

    Typical of them.

  • Yellow Fellow

    Half of those kids were adults!!!

  • Telliott

    Looks like something from a Flaming Lips set. Funky

  • Vicky Orly via Facebook


  • Kc

    My eyes hurt, I liked the room before it got stickered.>_<

  • Anonymous

    But how’d they get them on the ceiling? Oy.

  • Joe

    Should of have someone lie In the middle of the room, or a silhouette. Amazing though!!!!

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