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Moon Games by Laurent Laveder

You may have already seen some of these cute images from ‘Moon Games’ project before, but we just couldn’t resist sharing some more. The author of this project is a French landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist Laurent Laveder who shows how some simple props and a bit of imagination can turn the moon into anything you like.

Moon Games has also been published as a small book in France:

“We have asked 19 authors to choose a picture each among a selection of photos. Then they had to write a short text in the style they wanted. Finally, Sabine (my grilfriend with who I conceive these Moon games, and the woman in the pictures), who is a graphic artist, has transformed the texts to calligrams. The different profiles of each author have leaded to a great variety for each picture, sometime funny, touching, poetic, sensual, etc.”


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  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    Wow, beautiful.

  • Dan Marqusee

    meh. . . 

  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    C’est beau, j’adore et bravo pour l’imagination une fois de plus…

  • Michele Yanni via Facebook

    Very creative!

  •李芳萍/100000803644374 李芳萍 via Facebook


Author:   Date posted: Feb 2nd, 2012
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