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Artist Reveals Her Mixed Media Tools By Placing Them Next To Her Drawings

“How did she do that?” must’ve been one of the most frequent questions after seeing Karla Mialynne’s works. In order to clear the doubts, the artist now photographs all of the tools she used right next to her paintings. You can see that Karla mostly uses watercolor pencils, colored markers and acrylic paint to create her highly realistic drawings. Check out her instagram feed for more!


She Also Reveals How To Draw An Owl

And This Is Karla Taking a Selfie (Notice Her Custom Made Phone Cover)

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  • ari

    Im speecheless, wow

  • Dianne Robinson

    wow Aimee Olivia Rose Scott and Alex Robinson

  • Nastasia M. Fletcher
  • Ale Castellano-Vaartjes


  • Hrvojka Zlopaša


  • Fran Hirchak

    feathers look so real

  • IG: Mufasuh_

    i wish i knew how to draw like that

  • Nichole Halliday


  • Sanjay Sutradhar
  • Patricia Kenyon

    sooooo beautiful!

  • Nazarena Mayra Gomez

    Gastón :3

  • Judy Koh

    Amazing – so beautiful. love it

  • Karen Ginder


  • OonGoh

    Wow! Inspiring.

  • Karen Rodgers


  • Sven Holm

    Nice work!!

  • Jayashree Banerjee


  • Marwan Samir Mohamed

    more than perfect

  • Jackie Bygrave


  • Mariska Vd Haak

    Wow <3

  • Zuzana Cahová

    just big wow

  • Mary Teng

    This is some creativity. So real!

  • Dot Clifton Zafra

    love this…

  • Savannah Smith

    cool job

  • Laura Jayne

    Roller Bird <3

Author:   Date posted: Sep 2nd, 2013
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