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Bamboo Headphones With a Threaded Cord Giveaway [Ended]


Thank you all for all your comments, and now it’s time to announce the winners chosen with the help of

Congratulations to Jelle Solemé, Justyna SiwińskaMarija Sinicaitė

Walking your dog, commuting to work, running home from the gym. No matter where you are headed your headphones are in your ears playing your favorite jams. Why not inject some bold style into your everyday look with Jamboo Headphones?

Made with pure bamboo wood and a colorfully threaded cord, Jamboo headphones were specifically designed to never tangle.

Support Jamboo Headphones on Kickstarter

Help Austin Glenn & Scooter Vaughan raise enough money on Kickstarter and get the Jamboo Headphones up and running.

Sound Wave


Night Sky



Harmony Tree

Comment and Win!

Comment below (or on Bored Panda’s Facebook page) and let us know which headphones style is your favorite! Three lucky commenters will be chosen to receive the headphone style of their choice. The giveaway is open for one week.

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  • Anonymous

    Im diggin the sound wave, i like the different usage of the different types of blues used in it, it seems like its calming and perfect for outdoorsy stuff

  • KezzaLou

    I’m a girly girl so its gotta be Blossom :)

  • Superbsti

    Shine is, by far, the best (for me at least).

  • Ingeborg

    I Liked “Harmony Tree” and “Shine” the best – but it’s hard to choose! :

  • Melissa

    I LOVE the Sound Wave and I would LOVE to own one! Would make my daily commute to and from work so much happier! :-)

  • Donna

    Night sky if my fave!

  • GingeElise

    Ooh, I like Sound Wave.

  • Opus

    Rasta or night sky for me. Probably the former as favourite. Very cool.

  • ieatbamboo

    Theyre so cute!! ^-^ sound wave!

  • Ryan

    Night Sky

  • Johann Haimerl

    Night sky is sooo cool. This is a great idea! hope this becomes a major brand

  • Cal

    sound wave :)

  • Mohamad

    I’ll take the Harmony

  • zebatut

    Rahstah are de best!

  • Seavee

    I have to admit, I like all the styles, and I’d go so far as to have these awesome suckers stuck in my ears even if I wasn’t playing any music! The Blossom and Sound Wave styles in particular grab me, but they’re all jamming great!

  • Alanna

    Those are gorgeous :)

  • Alanna

    Oops, I forgot to mention which one I like, Night Sky for sure!

  • Yawen


  • Shaagita Rajenthiran

    Shine looks amazing! Kudos to the designers, really great job. Loving it.

  • Hunter

    My dog ate my headphones…literally :( Loving the rasta!

  • Anonymous

    Ill have the rasta or sound wave ones, thank you very much :D

  • Miffy Clare

    sound waves are the cutest :)

  • Libbi-Ann Eaton

    defo rasta =) <3

  • complaney

    love love love the sound wave headphones!

  • Diamond

    So shine !!! Like a diamond in the sky :) !! good luck boys and girls !!

  • Ryankick

    Harmony Tree is the bombdigity, I must have them!!! AWESOMENESS

  • Eric

    I like the Shine. Thanks

  • wade

    Sign me up for the sound wave. Thanks

  • Doris

    I want the sound waves. super cool!

  • Linda

    I prefer the sound waves. Thanks for the chance.

  • Mariam

    I would like the harmony tree.

  • Nikolay Kolev

    I’d really be happy to get the Night Sky. It’d really be the theme I need for my style and the sound for my ears.
    The Harmony tree are also great, not to green, not to brown… Exactly like a real tree, except for the electronics… But they’re well hidden and camouflaged, so I would like those too.

  • Ylva Coldhands

    Really torn between the first three, but I guess I’ll go with the Sound Wave because I love how the blue fades in with the white.

  • miles

    Rasta <3 much love!

  • kristal

    sound wave

  • Samantha Rose Smith

    My sister would love these! She weaves bracelets like this everyday. She’d like Harmony Tree the best

  • Davidr305

    I love the night sky and rasta !!! These are great! Never tangle and the sound is amazing

  • Jessia Khalis

    Blossom! :)

  • Luis

    Sound Wave!!! :D

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