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Ivy Bike Lock by Sono Mocci

“Why does our bicycle need to be connected to light poles by chains like a criminal in prison? Inspired by nature, the design of this cable wire lock is a mimicry of ivy. It is unified in our daily scene and promotes protection of the environment. It is soft and feels natural. ‘Ivy’ is a plug to awaken the relationship between you and society. 4 dial number lock, steel wire + silicon gomcovered. 2 sizes: short (900mm), long (1500mm)” – says designer Sono Mocci from Italy.

‘Ivy’ is one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in the designboom competition, ‘seoul cycle design competition 2010′, organized in collaboration with Seoul design foundation.

Just wondering, would you steal a bike or the Ivy lock instead?

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What do you think?

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  • Mimi Nguyen

    Beautiful, but would not work.. ever.

  • Gansje

    I like the decoration, but it won’t keep your bike from being stolen anyday :P

  • Wolfixcz

    It is possible buy this somewhere?

  • Wolfixcz

    It is possible buy this somewhere?

  • April Isabel


  • Corwinsr

    Does someone really need to point out to you Neanderthals that it’s not actually made out of Ivy?? Good lord it’s the same freaking materials as a solid steel wire lock mechanism camouflaged nicely to blend into nature. Get it??

    I can’t believe this needed an explanation. Wow. Just, wow.

  • Jhunt316

    i want to buy this.