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Human Evolution in 12 Pictures

Daniel Lee is not an expert in evolutionary theory, but he’s got ideas about where we came from. He certainly doesn’t try to pass them off as scientific truth; instead he makes his ideas into anything-but-primitive digital images intended as provocative art.[1]

His series titled “Origin” depicts human evolution in 12 pictures, from the fish form (as Coelacanth) eventually transforming to reptiles, apes and humans.

It took three photo shoots-using three different cameras-before Lee began working in Photoshop. He started by photographing a dead bluefish he picked up from an Italian market in New York City and finished with a human male model in various crouching and squatting positions.

Don’t know about you guys, but his digital images seem pretty convincing to me. You can view larger images below.


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution


human evolution

(All images ©DANIEL LEE)

P.S.: and you still eat fish after seeing this?

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What do you think?

  • kreek


  • Denisse

    I accept the fact that we came from fish more readily then the idea that we were molded from dirt and ribs..

  • Singh

    Picture number 11 looks like a man with his penis in his back.

  • Anonymous


  • HonoluluJoe

    The face changed way to quickly.
    The fish got a human face wayyy too quickly.
    Otherwise good

  • Erick

    Lord Voldemort!

  • AJSzilagyi

    only problem with this is that evolution is bullshit

    • Knee Grow

      Yeah and god created us from nothing is more likely right?

    • Wildted


      Assertion is NOT wisdom.

  • Steve

    I’m ok with everything except the jump from picture 1 to picture 2.

    • Hhh

      The most insightful comment here by far.

  • Ruth

    It’s amusing to me that so many Thousands have viewed this, yet only 125 have shared it on Facebook; kinda tells a different story. You have made a VERY LARGE error in your summation on page 1…”yet less than 150 years later it is largely taken for granted.” According to WHO?… You?! HA. That ‘statement’ is purely Your opinion and not even CLOSE to the truth. You have a talent in PhotoShop perhaps, but as far as your theory of where we came from, you are as wrong as your 125 followers. (assuming they all agree with you, and didnt just share the art). Christianity is larger than even you can imagine, and I only hope that some day you realize your error before it’s too late.

  • dont deny it

    you don’t really keep with the scientific advances, do you?

    • Roderikihgoarcia

      Markuswoodrow is not completely incorrect. All links are not perfectly matched so there are a lot of gaps in between bones and evolution steps. Most of the things we learn are still nothing but thesis, not 100% facts. 

      If there were all facts less people would argue this point

      • Avanness
        Please just read these. I won’t bother arguing with you, just merely try to educate you.

      • Hank Rearden

         This wouldn’t make it any more likely that a supernatural being spontaneously created anything.

        • Geezus

          To add: the sheer fact that there are ANY links in the proverbial chain are more proof than anything the bible has ever come up with.

  • Kevin

    This way is most likely closer to reality for our origins than the old creation myth.

  • Zalmanak

    fairytale of some scientists like our childhood’s ones. sleep, sleep, sleep

  • Aziz Quadri

    the 7th is the creepiest

  • starlight

    So whats after humans? oh wait is it ROBOTS?????

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