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Glass Floor Bathroom Over 15 Story Elevator Shaft

Guadalajara-based studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos has recently designed the new interior of a penthouse situated on top of a 70′s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Its glass floor bathroom set atop an unused 15 story lift shaft has become an internet sensation. Some commenters said that ‘this bathroom will literally scare the sh*t out of you.”[1]

“A characteristic feature of the project is that a volume that was originally intended for a second elevator and was never installed becomes a powder room with a glass floor that looks down all the 15 levels, the PPDG penthouse is a great versatile modulated space, with great views all this with the concepts of transparency and the simplicity of materials.” [2]


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What do you think?

  • Viktorija Sargūnienė via Facebook

    really scary.. :)

  • Linda Mellenthin Weiss via Facebook

    Or the opposite…..

  • Louise De Bruyne via Facebook

    Imagine sitting on this toilet if you just watched The Ring or so. Yeah, that will literally scare the shit out of you.

  • Andy McDougall via Facebook

    F**k that.

  • Louie Neira via Facebook

    no, thanks… I think I can hold it until I get home…. =D

  • Alex Past via Facebook


  • Cheryl Larson via Facebook

    Drop Zone

  • Ruth Cheshire via Facebook

    oooof !

  • Перец Валентин Евгеньевич via Facebook

    very dangerous, hard to concentrate

  • Chack Smith via Facebook

    Interesante para los que nos gusta fumar marihuana en el baño. :p

  • Jason Askme via Facebook


  • Ingrid Sandoval via Facebook

    0_0 …. o_0!!!!!

  • Sad Wombat via Facebook

    Can anyone with binoculars get into bottom of liftshaft? This is important to know.

  • Emma Goulding via Facebook

    Awfull, id be sick every time i went in there

  • Ali Michele Sabella via Facebook

    no thanks

  • Khadijah Anderson via Facebook

    What’s the point–an adventurous bathroom experience??

  • Donald J Stifler via Facebook

    No shit

  • Peg Gy via Facebook

    Very cool use of an otherwise useless elevator shaft. Must feel like the old castles when people used this kind of indoor plumbing as an indoor outhouse. Would love to have one. May casue a little vertigo, however.

  • Pamela Fatone via Facebook

    too bad the bath is ugly, cool use of glass over the Elevator shaft

  • Sanjay Sharma

    Not gonna go long way, because soon many bricks will be shat and this will turn into a brick floor! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Ugly tile wall… and you’d forever be cleaning greasy footprints off the floor, but the concept is rather wonderful.

  • Bhoss17

    I would hate to have to change the light bulbs

  • Anthony

    at least youll have a place to shit brix when youre shitting brix

  • Chemist

    I’d be mad. I am afraid of altitude

  • chap

    How do you change the light bulbs?