The poet John Lydgate once said "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." And you only need to look at these illustrations to realize how true that is.

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They're drawn by artist and fashion designer Daisy Bernard, and they represent the fact that women are judged regardless of the expectations they try to live up to. Dress conservatively and you're frigid, but wear something revealing and you're obviously a slut. Likewise, women are often encouraged to be more assertive in the office, but when they are they're considered bossy. "Women are being told to take off their burkinis and undress on the beach," wrote Bernard in an article for The Tab. "But at the same time we should keep ourselves covered up, and shouldn’t show too much skin. These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases by other women too."

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#1 Clothing


Daisy Bernard Report

Flora Polvado 1 week ago

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There is a middle ground in this area. It's not easy to learn, but a woman can be modestly sexy. My daughter is a master at it.

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#2 Relationships


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Charlotte Cui 6 days ago

IIIIIIII don't see the difference in this one?

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#3 Appearance


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#4 Work


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Daria B 1 week ago

I seriously don't get the "she's going to leave and have kids" part. If you want her to stay, give her maternity leave, everyone wins, and a new person has a part time or temporary contract chance to build up some experience. While you don't really lose your experienced employee, and she knows she has a job position secured and waiting for her. Five of us were raised by both working parents, back in the 20th century. What happened?

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