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DIY Solar Bottle Bulb

If you don’t have electricity or live in a home with no windows, it’s going to be dark inside, even during a sunny day. Luckily, a bottled liter of water with some bleach can provide approximately 55-60 watts of light from the sun. This simple idea has helped many dwellers in the light-deprived slums of the Philippines.  “A Liter of Light” is a sustainable lighting project by Illac Diaz which aims to bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Light to disprivileged communities worldwide.

Website: | Images: 1, 2, Kara Santos

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  • charuchandok

    the best idea

  • Sparky

    The actual idea was taken from glass octagonal castings that were used for light below deck on sailing ships. Some were colored glass, most likely so as not to blind or glare (like red or green night time vision illumination used in aircraft or military OPS))