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Dick Clark’s Flintstones Inspired Home in Malibu

Television legend Dick Clark is selling his one-of-a-kind residence in Malibu for $3.5 million. The single-story structure with it’s rocky interior looks just like the home of Fred and Wilma from the classic 60′s cartoon.

This real-world version of the Flintstones’ home has one bedroom and two bathrooms, a fireplace and several large glass windows offering views of city lights and sunsets as well as Serrano Valley, the Boney Mountains, the Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, animal appliances are not included in the deal.

The whole property sits on more than 22 acres and is waiting for a new owner.

Will it be you?

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What do you think?

  • Greg Cole via Facebook

    A Flintstones house? What’s this guy’s problem?

    • Anonymous

       i’m not sure i follow… (besides being dead now)… what could his “problem” be for owning and living in a cavelike dwelling with modern amenities?
      what’s your problem for NOT wanting to live in one?  see what i’m saying?  did this make him mentally deficient in some way to you?  he was certainly successful and filthy rich.  what’s his problem?  lol

  • Sabrina LeVene via Facebook

    Wow. That place is amazing. What fun that would be..

  • Lida Thompson via Facebook


  • Agata Janik via Facebook

    What a crazy idea! :D

  • Brenda Taylor Conry via Facebook

    I have those frog candlesticks! It’s a start.

  • Peter Rijmer via Facebook

    Haha..That kitchen! Awesome!

  • Lucas Silva Ribeiro

    Very good =)

  • Crissy Bitz via Facebook


  • Joe R

    that has got to be the ugliest, and least functional structure that i have ever seen… tear it down and build something decent in its place, not worth 100,000 yet alone several million… perhaps the property? but not the building… 

    • Shamasi1968

       Really? Why would you say that? Look at the materials it is made of, the thickness of the walls, the surrounding greenery, everything is correct for where the house is located. It suits the person who built it and I find it pleasing and it seems many others do too. Stucco is very insulating and retains heat or cool very well and I am willing to bet those windows are more than up to industry standards for insulation values. Just because it isn’t your style doesn’t make it less functional, it just means you don’t like it.

    • a_w_young

       I think it’s beautiful and would love a home like that. Really amazing, and so much nicer than the cookie cutter homes I’m used to seeing in North America. “Oh yay, another drywall box with way too much wasted space”

    • lamee

      Ahh a person who would go to a 200 year old small town and build a 10000 sq. ft. 2 story house with 5 car garage and 3 pools on main street and say it fits the environment. lol Wonder why families become dysfunctional? Build a house big enough you don’t effect each others lives.

  • Grantharris12

    Too soon

  • Cindy Williams


  • Bryce

     A tough sale at that price. The best guess is the structure is a negative, dragging down the price of the raw land by the added cost of demolition and debris removal.

  • Cecilia Sherree

    OMG what a cooool home!!! i soooo want it!! and it fits so well with the surrounding land, love the thought of a home so beautiful, different and so in harmony/sync with its surroundings! wish i had the cash, it’d b mine for sure!!

  • Gerard Plamondon

    WOW I think we’ll have to ask mister Slate for a raise lol a beautiful place

Author:   Date posted: Apr 12th, 2012
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