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Creative Dad Makes DIY Starry Ceiling For Soon-To-Be-Born Son’s Nursery

Engineer and daddy-to-be Brian d’ Arcy has created an amazing ceiling display for his soon-to-be-born son’s nursery that ensures that the tyke will always be reaching for the stars.

d’Arcy uploaded a series of images to imgur detailing the project. All told, he installed 596 fiber-optic strands (it would have been 600 but he broke 4) by drilling holes through the nursery ceiling and connecting them to a specialized light source in the nursery’s closet. The light source is designed to make the stars twinkle, ensuring that the little tyke is kept entertained by the faux-night sky. The whole project may seem daunting, but d’Arcy, an engineering student, found it more tedious than anything else.

d’Arcy is not the only dad who dreamed up a creative project for his child-to-be. Jonathan Guberman created an awesome set of alphabet blocks for his son with elements from nerdy pop-culture that will help daddy share his interests with his child.

Source: imgur

It all began with 600 fiber-optic cables, a light source, and some other equipment


First, dad laid a grid out on the ceiling so he could distribute the stars randomly but equally


He cleared out the ceiling insulation and drilled holes in the ceiling for the fibers


His dog Burton inspects the fiber-optics for any faults


The tiny stars are coming to life!


His cat Boo had a good time interfering with dad’s work


The light source for all of the stars was installed in the nursery room’s closet


Here is the tangled mess of “stars” before they were organized


Dad’s cats were also very enthusiastic about reaching for the stars


He said that being in the room at this stage made him feel like he was in the movie “Avatar”


Here are the stars with the lights on…


…and here they are after the “sun” has set : )


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