Creative daddy Jonathan M. Guberman came up with a modern twist on the tradition of creating a toy or bed for your newborn child – he created an awesome set of number and alphabet bricks that feature illustrations and characters from some of the coolest and nerdiest stuff out there.

On his blog, Guberman broke down his creation: “There are 36 blocks — the English alphabet and ten digits — showing 134 images of people, animals, monsters, robots, vehicles, organizations, devices, tools, and objects from some of our favourite movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games, poems, and sculptures, as well as a few from the real world for good measure.”

The blocks have something for everyone – from D for Darth Vader to T for Tardis! Guberman bought pre-cut wooden blocks, selected or designed images and characters for them, and then had the designs engraved on his blocks with a laser engraver.

The idea came from a desire to share what he loves with his son, explained Guberman: “Shortly before my son was born I started making a set of alphabet blocks decorated with things that his mother and I were looking forward to sharing with him.” However, he got so busy when his son was born that he only finished the blocks a year later, approaching his son’s first birthday.

Source: Flickr | (via: laughingsquid)