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20 More Baby Animals That’ll Make You Say ‘Aww’

Seeing how many awww’s our first baby animals post received, we knew we’d have to come back with more! There’s just something about these miniature versions of various animals species that makes our hearts softer: their first awkward steps, clumsy moves and completely bewildered eyes just can’t leave you indifferent. Even if you’re not a big fan of a grown-up pigs, wait till you see their babies that can basically fit in your palm!

Before they grow up and gather some knowledge about what’s hot and cold, baby animals give us quite a few hilarious photo opportunities. We get that you might’ve seen enough cute kittens or puppies by now, so take a lot at some more exotic ones – for example, baby stingrays or tapirs!

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Baby Hawk

Image credits:

Baby Panda

Image credits: kjdrill

Baby Skunk

Image credits:


Image credits: Miguel A. Landestoy

Baby Prairie Dogs

Image credits:


Image credits:

Baby Fox

Image credits: Remo Savisaar

Baby Polar Bear

Image credits:

Baby Otter

Image credits:

Baby Tapir

Image credits:

Baby Hedgehogs

Image credits: Mr. Unknown

Frogmouth Chicks

Image credits: 

Baby Hippo

Image credits: Rolfe Winkler


Image credits: Mr. Unknown

Kitten #2

Image credits:

Albino Baby Koala

Image credits:


Image credits: Brittney Williford

Image credits:

Baby Stingrays

Image credits:

Baby Donkey

Image credits:

Crane Chick

Image credits: Jimm Ridley

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We do our best to credit every photographer, but some of the pictures have gotten so popular that it’s practically impossible to locate the original source. If you know who took them, or are the photographer yourself, please contact us!

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