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Creative Nail Art by Kayleigh O’Connor

Bob Maynard once said that “Problems are opportunities in disguise.” And this is exactly what happened to Kayleigh O’Conno, a 24-year-old media student at Birmingham City University (UK), who had a habit of finger biting.

“I started glueing on false nails when I was around 16/17 (because I bit my own so badly that they looked like something out of a horror film – and not in a good way). After a while I started painting designs on them so they didn’t look so boring, and then it went a bit crazy, with different shapes sizes and all that… Now I mainly make them for fun and like to change them a few times a week :)

I never used to take pictures of my nails until people started telling me I should (and, I found out that if I kept some sort of blog somewhere, I’d get a better mark for one of my old Uni assignments :P). So, that’s why I’ve started keeping pictures of them before they get lost or broken (which is usually what happens).”

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Edward Scissorhands



Breaking Bad

Snow White



Fruit Salad


The Ring

Indiana Jones

Tetris / Happy New Year!

Game of Thrones – House Stark


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  • Paulina Proszowska

    it’s fake !!!

    • Ew

       it’s creepy!

    • Bryter Layter

       you don’t say.
      although those are fake nails; it’s pretty impressing.

  • Eric van der Meer via Facebook

    Angelique Hinke Ooit gezien, tetris nagels?

  • Martyna Wałęcka Rose via Facebook

    Breaking Bad ! <3

  • Mike Aftanake via Facebook


  • Zombiecupcakez

    I am falling in love c: 

  • Agnethe Bourup Christiansen via Facebook

    Ha ha Pipalummut piukkunnat

  • Vicky Orly via Facebook

    ♥ Freddie

  • Panda6

    The third to last picture says “tetris/happy new year” but those are pencils if my childhood serves me right