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Churchtanks: Sculptures of Churches Turned Into Tanks

Religion and war have always been mixing and closely related throughout history. Missouri-born artist Kris Kuksi took notice of this connection, repeating itself throughout history, and decided to unveil it in his Churchtanks sculpture series. By creating the juxtaposition between the classical world and the modern war gear, Kuksi transforms churches into tanks, blending the two structures smoothly and seamlessly.

As explained in his statement, creation of the sculptures is a “process that requires countless hours to assemble, collect, manipulate, cut, and re-shape thousands of individual parts, finally uniting them into an orchestral-like seamless cohesion that defines the historical rise and fall of civilization and envisions the possible future(s) of humanity.” Churchtanks thus represent the ability of art to fascinate and at the same time to raise awareness. Tell us your impressions in the comments!

Website: Kris Kuksi via: laughingsquid, booooooom

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  • Mircea Constantin Melinte via Facebook

    Both of them have the power to blow you away if you don’t listen. More or less.

  • Carolyn Baggoo via Facebook

    Religions are responsible for most wars on earth. So this is a fitting symbol.

  • George Astonishing via Facebook

    A number of individuals in the search of money and power are responsible for all wars … not religion (at all). Fundamentalists and extremists use it merely as an excuse…. So I find these images rather silly.

  • Aaron Robert Matteson via Facebook

    yeah, zionism starts wars, christianity pushes it, muslims are blamed

  • Kristin Acadia Rokos via Facebook

    I was going to write the same thing that Carolyn wrote above. Fitting combination.

  • Carolyn Baggoo via Facebook

    If Religious Leaders taught their follows to “Love their Neighbors as themselves”, then no one would go to war. But they do the opposite. Catholics against Catholics. Protestants against Catholics, Muslims against Muslims or against Christians. They do not preach Love, they preach hate.

  • Carolyn Baggoo via Facebook
  • Carolyn Baggoo via Facebook
  • Carolyn Baggoo via Facebook
  • Carolyn Baggoo via Facebook
  • Juan Luis Rodríguez Guerra via Facebook

    una gran parte de las guerras tienen un componente religioso. Forma una mezcla explosiva

  • George Astonishing via Facebook

    See Carolyn – you are missing the point here .. are you talking about individuals who are preaching hate ? … See, I don’t know if you are familiar with the real values of any religion in the world – but not a single religion preaches hate … They don’t. Really they don’t. Which takes me back to my initial statement. It’s a handful of individuals using it as an excuse … You have to separate religion and members of the church – those are individuals. Besides, there are more kind hearted individuals who are member of a religion than evil ones. Anyway, give it a thought …. appears that you are very passionate about this topic :) P.S: The site on the Nuremberg Trials came up with the number of 42,000,000 for Christian victims of the Nazis.

  • Gus Chagas via Facebook

    bored panda “can’t speaks no english”? LOL

  • Pavel Votkin

    Why soooo slow?

  • Dennis Rogge via Facebook

    They are both Fun to be in…

  • Amanda Davey via Facebook

    They are both uncomfortable to be in?

  • Sam Faheem via Facebook

    it is proven through history that most wars were driven by religious reason.

  • Sheila Fowler via Facebook

    surprised nobody thought about this before !! very clever :)

  • Lina Rios via Facebook

    HOLY WARS… duh

  • Stuart Heil via Facebook

    They both subscribe to “canon law”.???? haha

  • Stuart Heil via Facebook

    I don`t think Bored Panda was asking for an idealogical debate, somehow. Keep your belief systems to yourself or bugger off !

  • Catherine Mary Wade via Facebook

    Christian = Foot step follower of Jesus Christ………Jesus said he that lives by the sword will die by the sword….He also said in later times you will know my TRUE followers By the LOVE they have among themselves……..True Christians do not go to War or condone it in anyway …

  • Derpy

    A really great statement. This is art!

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