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Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes

Zecc Architecten repurposed and converted two abandoned churches located in Utrecht, Netherlands into stylish family residences. The interiors look absolutely beautiful, but somehow I feel there are so many things you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in here…

Some might think that it is inappropriate to use God’s house in such a way, however according to designboom, “hundreds of empty churches are scattered throughout the Netherlands and since 1970 more than 1000 churches have been closed by communities with over 1/3 of those structures being demolished. Re-use is the only way to prevent long-lasting vacancy or destruction of the historical layer within the city.”

What about you? Would you live in a converted church?


Residential Church XL

Church of Living. Utrecht, Netherlands

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What do you think?

  • Carole Beckett Magar via Facebook

    Thought I would like these…didnt like the feel, wass up with that?

  • Langford Barksdale via Facebook

    I love it, I would make it a place where people would come over and enjoy it like the church actually is our home and share in scripture, creative groups and gatherings. What a beautiful reinvention as we are all houses of the holy if we wish to be.

  • Michelle House via Facebook

    I think they are beautiful.

  • Natalia Boyko via Facebook

    I would give anithing for it!!!

  • Becky H. Butler via Facebook

    I would love to live in an old church. Don’t care for the austere decorating style, though.

  • Krisztina Gyurkovits via Facebook

    Me for sure !

  • Gaëlle-Aurore Klein via Facebook

    ça me ferait flipper de vivre dans un tel endroit:/

  • Guido Goudswaard via Facebook

    wow, i was there today. weird…

  • Deborah Groseclose via Facebook

    Yes, I would totally live in a converted church. It’s a great way to reuse space and existing materials and still preserve some of the original design of the structure.

  • Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty/Estonia via Facebook

    for some time sure … if it’s near to sea and mountains and average temperature around the year is +25C ;)

  • Gina Gregory

    Couldn’t they give the interiors some LIFE? WHITE? Come on, you can’t realistically live in an all white interior. No color, it’s not homey, it’s hideous!

    • Anianna

      The sad thing is, it looks like there was a lot of warm, natural wood in those churches and they were painted over white.  The furniture doesn’t look like it was made for comfort, either.  I figure the designer was going more for a a statement rather than an inviting living space. 

    • Nick Leggio

      agreed, but its good for apple commercials.

  • Margie Lazou via Facebook


  • Black Sheep’s Day via Facebook


  • Christiane Lemoine via Facebook

    dans ces conditions, je retournerais bien à l’église !!!

  • Brenda Evans via Facebook

    The ‘Nose picker’ sets the tone for actual living in that lovely space!

  • Geoff Suter via Facebook


  • Micky Wakeham via Facebook

    estan muy lindas , me da pena que la carne gane al espiritu , espero que las familas que vivan alli lo aprecien

  • Karen Dasso via Facebook

    They look cozy and confortable. Maybe, it could bring a concept of sacredness and security, or strong foundation to the home and family life. That has certainly been lost .

  • Keng Maghuyop Lucañas via Facebook!!..

  • Petr


  • Marie-Pier Plouffe Demers via Facebook


  • Greentea Design’s The Design Tree via Facebook

    wouldn’t, at all, no matter how cool the interiors.

  • Sanja Samardzija via Facebook

    could you make love there? :)

  • Sanja Samardzija via Facebook

    could you make love there? :)

  • Betzy Bella Kelly via Facebook

    Beautiful, but the heating and cooling bills for such tall, large spaces would make it hard for a lot of people to afford living in former church.