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Christmas Tree Made of 32,000 Recycled Bottles

About a week ago Design You Trust wrote about an amazing 13 meters tall Christmas tree “made of 40 thousands ‘SPRITE’ plastic bottles” in Kaunas, Lithuania. However, according to the original sources like Delfi and Lrytas, there are “only” 32,000 recycled plastic bottles, but the tree will have 40,000 Christmas lights. That’s why you should never trust anyone, even if they have a word “trust” in their name.

Nevertheless, the Christmas tree looks really great, and it’s especially beautiful at night when it’s lit from the inside and the green bottles start to sparkle.

“Green color represents peace, nature and ecology. Ecology is expensive, and only conscious Europeans understand that ecology costs money. We are lucky, because we didn’t have to spend the budget money,” says the author of idea, Jolanta Smidtienė. However, some people argue that with all those lights used to lit the tree it isn’t so green after all.

Update: Apparently, it is not Sprite bottles, nor even recycled – 40.000 emerald plastic bottles were bought from a local company.

Image sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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  • Shannon Jackson via Facebook

    My best friend is from there. Definitely sharing with her!

  • Sabrina Buscemi via Facebook


  • Sergio Macedo via Facebook


  • Dominique Stuerzinger via Facebook

    Génial l’idée!!

  • Becki Moody via Facebook

    That’s actually really beautiful, but I couldn’t tell how they connected them. Are those zip ties?

  • Masoud Vatankhah via Facebook


  • Marta Gaj via Facebook

    muy muy bonita, orgánica! Árbol de Navidad con la idea!!!

  • Christina Rhoads via Facebook

    Now that’s a Christmas tree I can stand behind!

  • Ausra Jv via Facebook


  • Táňa Kuklišová via Facebook


  • Estefania Castillo via Facebook

    you actually could live in it…. best idea ever!

  • Yurany Lopez via Facebook


  •ėnaitė/100000956621680 Aira Tumėnaitė via Facebook

    Yes, we’ve got a lot of creative people in Lithuania. I’m fan of this idea too :)

  • Alberto Adinolfi via Facebook

    At least they spared a tree…

  • Nerijus Adomaitis via Facebook

    That is NOT Sprite bottles. There a new bottles made in factory and afterward they will go for 100% recycling :)

  • Trumpet Chick

    That is so awesome! The idea was great and it looks wonderful. (:

  • Co podniesie Kung-fu Panda via Facebook

    it’s a brilliant idea :)

  • KiKi Voxx via Facebook

    Wow, after finding out that they were produced to make this I have to say I’m disappointed. There is enough plastic waste on our planet and the emmissions that it will take to “recycle” 32 thousand simply to make a spectacle is obsurd. Would have been more eco-friendly to cut down and decorate a real tree. Total bummer.

  • Caleb Wright via Facebook

    what? were they not actually recycled?

  • Guy Richard Maki via Facebook

    not impressed in the least!

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Well, the title of this Lithuanian article -> says “People of Kaunas are making a Christmas tree from waste”. However, somewhere in the middle they say 40.000 emerald plastic bottles were bought from a local company.

  • Brand Custodian via Facebook

    If produced on purpose then I would agree that it is sad. But otherwise, it made us learn that next time, ‘real’ waste might do the task:)

  • Caleb Wright via Facebook


  • KiKi Voxx via Facebook

    It still looks cool. Sorry, didn’t mean to be a sour*puss.

  • Vaida

    I am from Kaunas, and I know better – no, they weren’t recycled, but it was a green idea. the citizens collected recyclable plastic and later the city exchanged it (to bottles that had never been used but couldn’t be used because of the spoilages) in the factories. And after Christmas it is told to be given to some other city. So don’t talk what you don’t know. Best wishes from Kaunas!

  • Fernyrayg

    What EMERALD bottles? I can see the cut off bottoms of Green Pet Bottles. wonder if they would share how they fixed them up together.

  • Fernyrayg

    oh… they used nyties to tie up the bottles ends to make this tree……are those recyclable?