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Man With 18 Cats Spends $35,000 On Turning His Home Into A Cat Paradise

While we did write recently about home walkways for cats and pet furniture, we never had any idea that anyone would take it this far: an unidentified homeowner in California has spent $35,000 turning his home into a feline paradise.

It’s not clear who this home is better for, the owner or the 18 cats he lives with. Spiral ramps, walkways, scratching posts, miniature stairways, crawlspaces and other awesome details designed specifically with his 18 fluffy roommates in mind. The mindful homeowner also installed a ventilation system, which will ensure that the home stays fresh and the cats stay healthy.

The complex walkway network was installed by Trillium Enterprises, a Santa Barbara-based contracting and construction company.

It’s certainly a cool idea, but would you ever spend $35,000 to make your cats happy?

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