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‘Cat Beard’ Craze Takes Internet By Storm

Don’t freak out if you see a friend upload a photo of him-(or her-!) self with a massive beard, which, at a second glance, looks oddly similar to a cat. This is all a part of a new photo trend – a meme that’s called ‘cat beards’ or ‘cat-bearding’. The trick is to have your feline friend in front and covering half of your face – and when the cat looks up, it’s chin and neck looks like a massive beard on your face.

The first ‘cat beard’ picture was uploaded back on July 28th, 2011, by a Tumblr user Catasters, where the guy was touching noses with his cat. In several days, the picture was featured on some of the biggest Internet portals. A single topic blog called on Tumblr accelerated the trend in the early 2012; so much so, that a set of 5 Cat Beard photos, uploaded on May 16th, 2013, got over 50.000 notes in 24 hours. The lesson is simple – cats make everything go viral.

via: knowyourmeme

It All Started With This Photo Back In 2011

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And Then it Began…

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: instagram

Image credits: instagram

Image credits: instagram

Image credits: knowyourmeme

Image credits: knowyourmeme

Image credits: instagram

Works with Dogs Too, Just Not All That Viral

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  • Darcy Noni via Facebook

    Lol, cute

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    XD LOL

  •ário-Fernandes/100002140702100 Solange A. Januário Fernandes via Facebook

    Stela Maia, que tal tirar umas fotos assim com seus gatinhos?

  • Mbahell via Facebook

    “works with dogs too” LOL!

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    Aline Tal Dushansky, tu galetum dviem egzemplioriais :D

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    Vani Schuch, faz uma com teu dog :D

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    Baaaahhh! Demais! Quero só ver se o espoleta vai deixar! uhauhauhauha

  • Minna Kortesmäki via Facebook

    maybe I should try too! I would laugh untill I die…… 8)

  • Tae Kim via Facebook

    Dana Van Paemel! You should try this!:)

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    Let me get my cat and camera…

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    Russell Fisher

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    Ines Ac =P

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    Adam Beal

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    Chris Rhodes I have a little project for us over half term!

  • Dana Van Paemel via Facebook

    Lol… I should! That’s hilarious! I know I am already crazy cat lady … Might as well make it official! ;) xo

  • Melody Gardner Mitchell via Facebook

    wow! i may actually try this with one of the Dudes.

  • MsAdrienne Taylor via Facebook

    Hahaha!!! That’s cute!

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    Andre Olbrich, my god, this is brilliant ! xD

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    Tia Sol bem que eu já tentei tirar muitas fotos do Eros,mais ele não para heheheheheh

  • Andre Olbrich via Facebook

    a purring beard

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    thanks for the laugh of the day…had not seen this and yes I do prefer the dog ;)

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    Joshua King I think you need to try this with your cat ;)

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    Lea tu pourras moucher ton prof!

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    Soooooo lustig

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    Aangezien er diverse katten zijn in de familie, vind ik dat we dringend moeten bijdragen aan deze rage.

  • Paula Swann via Facebook

    haha me too Dana…i got 5 cats…soo if one sits still long enough…hehe

  • Rebeca Barroso via Facebook

    Tania Diaz a ver si lo vez asi, en lo que regreso.

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  • Patrin Anantakul Ord

    Kid beard ! Sorry there’s no pet at home only my daughter ! lol

  • Lime Tree Communications via Facebook

    does it work with panda’s?

  • shalala


  • Anonymous

    I tried this with a badger and got F’d up pretty bad.

  • Kelly4nya

    So in other words, the infamous “Cat-Bearding” trend really took off…. once its original creator “Let The Cat Out Of The Bag”! LoL!