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Bush: New Street Art Installation by Banksy

The most famous street artist in the world, Banksy, strikes again! This nicely trimmed bush is one of his newest street art installations that can be found in Canonbury, London. (link)

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  • Jorge Eduardo via Facebook

    Banksy de nuevo mira Christian Reynosa, Hugo Olivares :)

  • Patrick Callanan via Facebook

    trimmed bush lol

  • CharLie Orellana Juarez via Facebook
  • Olka Demolka via Facebook

    does anybody know the exact address in London?

  • Nana Salzer via Facebook

    damn cool :)))

  • Gilles Tetelbom via Facebook

    simple et efficace.

  • Jackie Mills Devenish via Facebook


  • Gary van der Steur via Facebook

    Oh please. Bankrupt is more like it.

  • Joanna Lowenthal via Facebook

    I love Banksy

Author:   Date posted: May 24th, 2012
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