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5,000 Books Pour Out of a Window in Spain

Spanish installation artist Alicia Martin transforms thousands of old books into giant waterfalls which pour out the windows straight into the streets. Her massive installations have been installed in various places across Europe, however Martin’s most recent series, known as Biografies, are based in her hometown, Madrid.

These gravity-defying book sculptures from her Biografies series were installed in the three of Madrid’s historic buildings, each installation consisting of approximately 5,000 books.

To support the heavy weight of the books, each sculpture has a special metal framework inside. They make the installation safe and sturdy, however the books’ pages are left loose and free to rustle in the wind.

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Casa de America, Madrid

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  • Marc Drozella via Facebook

    Although the installation looks impressive, I can’t help but have to admit that I don’t like this massive destruction of books. In the end books are a cultural good themselves… really don’t know what to make out of this…

  • Nihad Nour via Facebook


  • Anneke Manerda via Facebook

    Isn’t that a waste of books? (unless they’re bibles ;))

  • Brian Markley via Facebook

    and then it rained

  • Nihad Nour via Facebook

    i like the idea very much as a reading lover but yeah, it would be better if she didn’t use real books in it .

  • Jelle Nauta via Facebook

    Who needs books anyhow? There’s iPad’s!

  • Lisa Dolloff Bernardo via Facebook

    It looks cool, but I really don’t like all those books that can never be read!

  • Adrienne Szabo via Facebook

    this seems to represent the ‘transition’ of bound books to e-books.

  • Maria Teresa Mortero via Facebook

    Poor babies!! I still like books better than any digital reader.

  • 98% Angel via Facebook

    love this. very interesting

  • Ian Armer via Facebook


  • Nina Chow via Facebook

    Super cool! I am sure my daughter would love this.

  • LPE

    what’s the purpose !!??

  • Willow

    Numbers of books are destroyed by libraries, thrift stores, and book stores every year because they have no room for them. I’m glad someone found a use for some of them. These sculptures are awesome.