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Mom Turns Her Baby’s Napping Positions Into Art

Adele Enersen used to present herself as a copywriter & concept designer in advertising, but now she’s probably more famous for her maternity leave hobby – photographing her children while they sleep and then adding some adorable details to the pictures. Her first project, which eventually turned into a book called “When My Baby Dreams“, featured her baby daughter Mila in the settings of what she might’ve been dreaming of.

Now the Internet started “awwwing” about Adele’s second child Vincent: this summer she photographed her baby with an iPhone, and then sketched some activities on top of the pictures. Minimalistic and nicely child-like, they are exactly what you wanna see in your childhood album once you grow up. Some moms just don’t know what it means to get lazy or bored!


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  • Rositsa Vasileva via Facebook

    Sweet mummies, here is some inspiration for having even more fun with your adorable babies :)Velimira Got Sun Preslava Deneva Villi Marinova

  • Lisa Haynes via Facebook

    This is so cute!!

  • Judith Köster via Facebook

    Armani for Babys? Hm… No.

  • Almuth Gogolin via Facebook

    Supersüße Idee!

  • Pam Womack via Facebook

    CUTE!! super creative

  • Maud Majerus via Facebook

    So cute!

  • Linda Hallas via Facebook

    Just can’t work out what is going on with the babies left hand!?! The pictures are great.

  • Linda Hallas via Facebook

    Left hand in the first picture!

  • Sheila McInerney via Facebook


  • Lynne Fraser via Facebook

    Sure beats the sickly sweetness of Anne Gedes.

  • Anonymous

    awsome, am sure this fellow is gonna adore this when he is all grown up!! Kudos!!

  • AAA


  • Yazzphoto

    Looks great, cool baby art. But in the ‘DJ’ image, he looks like he’s missing a thumb on his right (to us) hand.