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Mind-blowing Anamorphic Illusions by Brasspup

After seeing lots of anamorphic illusions (see here, here and here) you get really bored about this whole thing. Yesterday, however, a friend of mine showed me a video titled “Amazing Anamorphic Illusions” that just blew my mind. A master of such illusions, going by the Brusspup nickname, posted this video just two days ago and it already has more than 2 millions views.

It shows three different anamorphic illusions – a Rubik’s cube, a shoe, and a tape roll. The trick of anamorphism is seeing the object from just the right angle, in which case it will seem perfectly normal and clear. Once you move, the image gets distorted, and leaves you wondering – what the heck did just happen?

The best part is that Brasspup also gives you downloadable files of Rubik’s cube, tape, and shoe. You can print them out on 8.5 x 14″ (or A4) paper and do the same trick yourself!

Website: youtube, facebook

This is Not What it Looks Like

Print Them out and Do It Yourself!

Download: Tape, Rubik’s cube and shoe

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  • Christine Lowther via Facebook


  • Alexandre Bernardo via Facebook


  • Pj de Leon via Facebook

    ok, that was uhh-mayzing!!

  • Petya Harizanova via Facebook

    My heart skipped a beat! Amazing

  • Brent Fontes via Facebook

    Wow what kind of printer did they use? High res!

  • Dorothy Hughes via Facebook


  • Amélie Palma Guldbirk via Facebook


  • Justina Bakutytė via Facebook

    just tried it. didn’t work :/ some instructions would be great

  • Shelly Ben-yshay via Facebook

    mind blown!!

  • Nick

    Cool. BUT the ‘before’ shots are of real objects, not the printouts.

  • Hoan Nam Hoang via Facebook

    oh my god ! :D

  • Mandi Morrow via Facebook

    That would be a great joke. “Hey, can you hand me that painters tape over there?”

  • Panta Alejandro via Facebook


  • Nathan Christopher via Facebook

    Mind blowing stuff….

  • Michael Bowlus via Facebook

    The persistence of memory

  •ławski/100002308121417 Wojciech Popławski via Facebook


  • mikey

    that’s really awesome!

  • Richard Fozzy Foleher

    Didn’t look as good when I printed and cut them, I guess it’s all about the angles

    • jw

      if you still have them, look at them while covering one eye. the camera works because it gives you a view from a single perspective. Two eyes mess up the illusion. try using just one.