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Alcoholic Cocktails Under the Microscope

Although some people find themselves artistically inspired with some alcoholic boost, who could have thought that alcohol itself looks like a piece of art. The “Bevshots” photo series, done by scientist Michael Davidson, features various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, photographed through a microscope’s lens. Although originally it was done in the early 1990′s, success and recognition came only after Lester Hutt joined the team.

Bevshot images are made by first crystallizing the drink of choice on a lab slide. Using a standard light microscope with a camera attached, the light source is polarized and passed through the crystal. This creates the magnificent colors we see in our favorite drinks featured on this site.

With an impressive professional background (Lester has worked on NASA’s Mars probes searching for evidence of past life on the red planet and also for the famous Apple, Inc. on releasing the iPod), Hutt has rapidly turned this into a successful business. Now BevShots has a wide merchandising list, so you can pimp yourself with a branded necktie or hang a beautiful kaleidoscopic print of your favorite drink on the wall.


Pina Colada


English Oatmeal Stout

Irish Pale Ale



Black Russian

Czech Pilsener

Gin and Tonic

White Table Wine

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  • Jennifer Davis Pollock via Facebook

    Vodka is so pretty!

  • Lise Jonette Gjertsen via Facebook

    Hvis ikke dette er tull må det jo være den perfekte utsmykning i en bar! Fasinerende!

  • Nicol Weitz via Facebook

    I <3 Pina Colada!

  • Diane Cecin via Facebook

    I think vodka is kinda scary. Champagne it pretty, as it should be.

  • Sibylle Meder via Facebook

    Pina Colada – though English Oatmeal Stout has something, too. Reminds me of Black Swan (the film, not a drink) – strangely enough…

  • Roopali Rao via Facebook

    Wow! White table wine it is!

  • ไหมนี่ อยู่ในช่วงสอบ via Facebook

    feeling like i get high!!! i like it

  • Marina Rizzi via Facebook

    definitely the vodka!


    Pina colada looks like butterflies.

  • andy

    irish pale ale is like an alien war