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Father and His 5-Year-Old Daughter Recreate Classic Paintings

Melbourne-based photographer Bill Gekas makes beautiful portraits of his 5-year-old daughter, posing in the scenes of the classic paintings by artists like Caravaggio, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Raphael or Velazquez. A self-taught photographer started focusing on portraiture in 2005, when he switched from a 35mm film to digital photography. Bill describes his style as “portraiture with a fine art aesthetics”: although he does a great job retouching and setting the pictures up, you also cannot help but admire his beautiful daughter’s concentration and deep looks.

Bill says what draws him most to portraiture is the “emotive, atmospheric, almost surreal nature of it“. Every picture he takes is always meticulously pre-planned:The key to executing a shoot like this is to have it all planned before the subject enters the scene, the lighting, props, composition etc. From thought to finished post processed shot ready for display a typical shot can average a total of 8 hours,”he says. Take a look at how he and his daughter bring the old paintings back to a new life!


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  • Aslı Vardar via Facebook

    I would not dare to try with my three year old boy :) We cant even take a photo

  • Kim Carter Taveroff via Facebook


  • Joanna Pruchnik via Facebook

    Girl with a pearl earring! <3
    How cool is that? :D

  • Caroline Yull via Facebook

    they’re beautiful

  • Rhonda Lee Neuhaus via Facebook

    This is such a great idea! A photographer should do this for other children! As a parent wouldn’t you love it!

  • Marten Pinnecoose via Facebook


  • Ramsden Pat via Facebook

    very kool idea!!

  • Jillian Patten Jeffries via Facebook
  • Jennifer Boyer Whitney via Facebook

    She really is a great model — so much life in those eyes! Fun!

  • Blossom

    A beautiful child! What a treasure she has in these pics.

  • Marilen Martin via Facebook


  • Caro Lin via Facebook


  • Andreea Kiddow via Facebook


  • Susanne Schleussner via Facebook


  • Gholamreza V. Ebrahimi via Facebook

    Masterfully cute. Kudos

  • Colin Rees via Facebook

    Everyone is a masterpiece. The lighting and sets are perfect, the costumes spot on, the little girl is amazing but it is the man behind the camera who made it all happen. A stunning collection of photos.

  • Sue Hudson Price via Facebook


  • Gema Lara Fernández via Facebook

    Beautiful pics

  • Polly Baker via Facebook

    awwww, she is sooo beautiful

  • Pascale Gordon via Facebook

    very beautiful photos, and very beautiful little girl!

  • Snehal Chaudhari via Facebook

    What a creative mind!

  • محمدالعمده العمده via Facebook

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  • Bodhisattwa Dutta via Facebook

    dyakh be Debapriya Mondal Parshati Dutta…

  • Celio Smith via Facebook

    After i heard Rihanna lost 10 lbs very quick with this diet, I thought i have to try this one. So it really works guyss !. I managed to lose 8 lbs last week. I decided to post here because i wanted to help people who struggle with their weight. cyaa..92

  • Debapriya Mondal via Facebook

    Kaalchit Dutta, chol shuru kori.

  • Raphaela Drumond

    that’s really nice!

  • Raphaela Drumond

    that’s really nice!

  • Lou Kh

    Какая красивая девуська!

  • Elaine Michel via Facebook

    Because it’s dressing up! What 5 year old little girl doesn’t love dressing up?! =)

  • Elaine Michel via Facebook

    your page seems to be getting spammed =(

  • Annette Doms via Facebook

    a wonderful appropriation of historical masterworks!

  • Carole M.

    What an adorable little girl. She would be able to pose for any painting or photograph.

  • Clark Orwick

    What a mug on this girl!

  • Anonymous

    What, no Dogs Playing Poker?

  • solconti

    She obviously loves being photographed. I have a beautiful grand daughter but get her to sit for a photo session ?

Author:   Date posted: Feb 27th, 2013
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