Full-service Creative Agency Yellow has created a Christmas campaign that succinctly conveys the message that Christmas is more than a festival, but a feeling. “’ Tis the season to believe” is a series of hand-drawn illustrations that depict how the creativity and imagination within people allow them to find joy and merriment in simple things.

In each of the three illustrations, the shadow represents the ‘Christmas spirit’ within the protagonist.

The spirit enables a boy to view the mere shadow of a Christmas tree as a blank canvas waiting to be adorned. It’s what makes a little girl feel like a loving hug from her father is as meaningful as a gift from Santa himself. And allows kids to believe that twigs can be the most majestic antlers if they simply wish them so.

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The spirit of Christmas is within all of us, the key is to draw it out.

Santa lives in the ones who give.

Make magic out of the little things.