Calling or texting a wrong number is usually a harmless affair – the person at the other end politely explains what has happened, you apologize and that’s the end of it.

Sometimes, if they are feeling cheeky and have a little time to spare, the receiver might take the opportunity to mess with you a little, but again, usually, no harm done.

However, there are wrong numbers and then there are really wrong numbers. This person, presumably planning on setting up a hot date, got more than they bargained for after refusing to accept their mistake, and even revealed some slightly compromising details about their drug use!

The hilarious exchange was originally shared on Winfield MO Police Department’s Facebook page along with the caption: “We were invited to go to a baseball game tonight!!!! Unfortunately, we don’t think they are gonna come pick us up.”

Nice to see the boys in blue displaying a wholesome sense of humor!

“We have been floored by the reaction honestly you really never know what will go viral,” Chief Bill Burleson told Bored Panda. “If you look at other posts on the page we try to show the community we are human and have a sense of humor. We are very active online and strive to provide multiple ways that the community can contact us.”

The mystery texter has wisely decided to lay low and has not been heard of since. “We found it more funny than anything else, and we were not super concerned with following up based upon the conversation,” Chief Burleson explained. “This has been a first for us! We all have thoroughly enjoyed the laughs it has brought to our department and community.”

What do you think? Have you ever made an embarrassing wrong number mistake? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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