We, at SERIAL KOLOR, are a creative agency, operating on interdisciplinary levels. We are passionate about telling stories – through integrating compelling designs, motion and sometimes live actions.

Although we believe in the German variation “der Kunde ist König” (the Customer is King), but at times we are left with no choice, but to hope that some of the people of this category known as “customers” were a little lesser than clowns.

In the business of creating artwork illustrations and motion graphics, we often come across comments that leave us spellbound, and definitely wondering which planet have these clients come from. I mean, why do aliens choose people of the Earth to design artwork for them? Is there a scarcity of reliable designers up there? Or those designers in the outer world are way too expensive for our buddies?

But guess what, we have just figured out they could only be practicing idiocracy. Check our compilation of some of the worst comments turned into posters and fill up your brain’s dosage for “what the fuck!?” compartment.

More info: serialkolor.com