If there is one constitutional amendment both sides of the political aisle can agree on, it is the first amendment – freedom of speech. But then again even when it comes to the less controversial points there is always someone out there to stir the pot. American TV presenter Nicholas J. Fuentes went viral for sharing his take on free speech, which women on both the left and the right could probably agree is downright sexist.

Fuentes tweeted out in particular that women should not share the same right to using profanities that men have and the post offended women across the internet.

Conservative TV host Nicholas J. Fuentes went viral for a sexist tweet – and got ripped apart

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is an ultra-conservative media personality, host of America First, and co-host of the Nationalist Review podcast. He is no stranger to controversy and identifies with the alt-right, whose views he spreads across media platforms. In 2018 Fuentes was banned from for spouting these views during a debate with several other political pundits. The heat continued when he tweeted out, “women shouldn’t say bad words. RT if you agree.”

He was quick to be called be journalist Kaj-Erik Eriksen who had some choice words for the alt-right media host.

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Eriksen was only one of many that responded to the tweet. Women everywhere retaliated with some NSFW comments of their own


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Naturally, after getting destroyed with a flood of angry responses, he had to admit defeat and deleted the original tweet. A small but sweet win for his opponents.

People agreed that women had every right to choose how they expressed themselves as much as men did