As November approaches, the whole wide world seems to be surfing the highest tide of the Halloween craze. Some can’t spin their heads around what costume to wear to this year’s office party, some run around decorating their house with everything Halloween-themed, carving pumpkins or scaring the good people of the Internet with their surreal Halloween photoshoots. And sure, there are some that just marvel at this whole spectacle from afar or the safety of their mobile screen. But this story is definitely not about one of them. Today we speak about a woman who took an uplifting twist on Halloween decorations and turned her front porch to an adorable gigantic Cookie Monster!

Pennsylvania-based professional porch decorator Lisa Boll decided to greet Halloween by turning her porch into a giant Cookie Monster

Image credits: eldesayunoradio

Halloween is just the perfect season to let your imagination run wild and get really creative. That’s exactly what one Pennsylvania-based woman did. Lisa Boll decided that she’d had enough of the scary Halloween outdoor decor and figured out she’d better turn her front porch into a gigantic Cookie Monster! She didn’t expect to get so many positive reactions, even her neighbors were pleased with her recreation of the famous character.

Being a huge fan of Sesame Street, she wanted to do something special to celebrate its 50th anniversary and Halloween was, of course, the perfect opportunity

Boll revealed she is a huge fan of Sesame Street – a show that’s celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. So it only made sense to her to put the two festivities together and celebrate in her own beautiful way. She said she really enjoyed creating this Sesame Street character on her porch and was glad it’s community-friendly. “It’s fun for Halloween and it’s not a horror thing, so it appeals to kids under the age of 3. It’s not one of those scary decorations,” she says.

She used vines to form the head of the Cookie Monster around her porch, then sprayed it with blue paint and added “googly eyes” she made from styrofoam

Giving her front porch a Halloween makeover was not a hard task for Boll, who owns a company that specializes in updating old outdoor decks, called Outback Designs and Deck Restorations. She finished her yard decoration using some vines that she spray-painted blue, then went on to add some “googly eyes” that she made from styrofoam and even added a cookie to complete the look!

The people of the Internet were instantly impressed by her work