No matter how woke a man is there are particular physical experiences that women go through that even the most empathetic (cis) men will never truly understand – giving birth and periods. Sure there are guys out there who have taken on labor simulator challenges to feel what childbirth is like as well as others who have tried ‘menstruation machines’ but nothing compares to the real experience, or so we thought.

Apparently, periods are small potatoes to other forms of bleeding – for example, a skinned knee. A guy took to Twitter to not only imply that women overreact about cramps, but also that when it came to pain nothing quite compares to scrapping your knee during a game. Well sir, in that case, can you imagine being a female athlete? In response to his ludicrous statement, women across the internet didn’t hesitate to put him in his place.

This Twitter user received a heavy flow of backlash after he tweeted a comparison between period pain and a skinned knee

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Nameless Twitter user @_sargee tweeted out a photo recently of a soccer player in the process of falling and scraping their knees.

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With a caption that mansplained how women needed to stop complaining about their period pains until they had experienced this kind of pain.

And got destroyed in the comments by women everywhere

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Period pain can result in more than just irritating cramps. Many women suffer from dysmenorrhea, which results in debilitating periods. Symptoms of this include intense cramping along with, back pain, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. Cramps are caused by too many prostaglandins, a chemical produced by the uterus that causes the muscles to tighten and relax.

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As some women in the comments pointed out there are female athletes who have experienced both types of pain and agree that period pain is worse. Interestingly enough female athletes on a professional level or with rigorous workout regimens can stop having a period altogether – an occurrence called hypothalamic amenorrhea. Hormones in the brain send a signal that tells signal hormones in the ovary not to produce estrogen and progesterone. The cause behind this is still unclear but so far it has been deduced it is the bodies way of saying it does not have enough fat to support a pregnancy.

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