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Wild Slice Designs: I Make Wall Sculptures From Reclaimed Wood
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Wild Slice Designs: I Make Wall Sculptures From Reclaimed Wood


My inspiration is nature with it’s gentle curves and freedom of movement. I feel this medium of reclaimed wood and the unique process, allows me the freedom to fuse this natural inspiration with my artistic design. I have also found that the versatility of this medium and process allows me to work with other people and make their artistic ideas a reality.

Each sculpture I make is hand-crafted and one of kind. Every tree slice that I cut and sand is unique in it’s own wild and beautiful way. Very few of my sculptures have finishes on the slices because my desire is for others to see and feel the natural, raw and un-enhanced beauty of this medium.

I center much of my life around the out of doors and I feel this has played an important role in shaping who I am and it has made me appreciate the healing and nurturing aspects of nature. I think my sculptures truly bring the outdoors in. I feel we can all use more of Mother Nature in our lives and this is one of the many ways to do just that.

More info: Etsy

Spiral In

Free form spiral.


Small abstract piece.

Yew Spiral

I made this piece with some reclaimed Yew wood. It is the darker line of tree slices that you see here. It gives this piece a depth and unique feel.




More Moon love.


I made this piece with reclaimed wood and a large piece of driftwood that makes the shape of this unique piece.


I made this sculpture for a client who loved the large root slices (dark larger slices as pictured).

Giant Wave

I made this custom piece for a client that wanted a flowing form.



Some Sunshine.

Between Heaven and Earth

Abstract sculpture with driftwood.



It’s just that simple.


Free form wave with accents of color added.


Abstract free form.



Unique Moon shape.

Close up

A detailed view of the spiral sculpture with a line of Yew wood incorporated within.


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