Rihanna has been a known advocate of inclusivity in the beauty world, and one of her latest collections is an excellent example of that. The 32-year-old showed love to big men in her new Savage X Fenty line by incorporating diverse models in its promotion.

On Friday, after the singer’s Savage X Fenty Vol 2 lingerie fashion show aired on Amazon Prime Video, the menswear line dropped online. While checking out the items, people were especially pleased to find the boxers were modeled by plus-size men.

After the singer’s Savage X Fenty Vol 2 lingerie fashion show aired on Amazon Prime Video, the menswear line dropped online

People were especially pleased to see a diverse selection of models

Image credits: savagex

Image credits: savagex

Cody Jacob, a singer-songwriter with a mission to promote body positivity and queer inclusivity, learned about Savage X Fenty promoting body inclusivity when he saw a tweet early in the morning while he was getting ready for his day. “After a quick google search, I saw the official website launch,” Jacob told Bored Panda. “Initially, I thought how incredible it was to see not only a big dude but a big black dude being represented that way. I found myself honestly staring at his image, realizing ‘oh my God, he literally looks just like me. That’s what my body looks like.'” Then, Jacob sent the tweet that everyone saw.

He thinks this has resonated with so many people because representation doesn’t only matter — it’s required. “To foster a strong sense of community via inclusivity, compassion, empathy, and patience (just like Savage X Fenty did), it enables people to feel implored to go out and either buy products they otherwise wouldn’t or go forward with the knowledge that their bodies are now, in some way, being represented.”


“This is a cultural change and the beginning of something much larger than a singular movement, and, I think everyone seeing a massive platform like Rihanna be the catalyst for it was just incredible.”

One tweet showing a plus-size male model on the Savage X Fenty website, for example, has been liked over 322K times

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In 2018, the world-famous singer received similar praise after her New York Fashion Week Savage X Fenty lingerie show, which featured two pregnant models in addition to a range of models of varying body shapes and sizes. According to her, inclusivity comes naturally when she is designing, as she thinks of the people in her own life.

“When I imagine something, I imagine everyone I know and love being a part of it. I want to make stuff I can see on the people I know, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, races, and religions,” Rihanna said during an interview ahead of the latest fashion show, which featured men, women, and non-binary models.

“Whether that comes from my household and my childhood to the circle of family that I’ve created around me. I really care that they are a part of what I do.”

And it certainly reflects in all of what Savage X Fenty is trying to accomplish. You can really see the brand celebrate fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity. In a time when it takes some men years to find their place on the spectrum of masculinity, Rihanna is definitely doing her part to change things for the better.


Men really related saying it boosted their confidence

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