When actor and internet personality Jack Pattillo tweeted a pic of Dole Whips he and his friends were having at Disneyland, he didn’t expect it would trigger anyone. But not everyone thought the image of a few hands holding some frozen goo was so innocent. “Could you hire any [people of color]? This picture is so white it’s making me squint. Disgusting,” Twitter user Tristin Lazarus (@Gay4Lenin) commented.

Minutes later, a few of Jack’s friends who were at the scene responded to the self-proclaimed LGBTTQQIAAP+ activist. They proved that without bothering to question the context and background of a story, you’re always running a risk of making a fool out of yourself if you choose to judge it. Scroll down to read their tweets!

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Recently, actor and internet personality Jack Pattillo and his friends went to Disneyland

Enjoying the trip, Jack tweeted this group photo to his 400k+ followers

But one guy accused the gang of racism

The friends who were tagged in the pic quickly responded:

People were very happy about the way they shut down the bully