When my son turned 4, all he cared about was superheroes. He watched superheroes TV shows, wore superhero printed T-shirts and ate from superhero plates. When I wanted to have a conversation with him, I had to talk about superheroes, I guess you get the picture…

So I had no choice but sewing superhero products for him, which later became part of my product line on Etsy.

I started with the superhero plush, but I wanted it to be special so I made a superhero bunny. And then the road to superhero throw pillow, security blanket and baby blanket was short . I kind of fell in love with this line, and today it seems that my Etsy customers like this like too.

What do you think?

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Superhero Bunny Plush

Superhero Bunny Throw Pillow

Superhero Bunny Blanket

Superhero Bunny Set