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When Superheros Took Over My World
User submission
DIY5 years ago

When Superheros Took Over My World

When my son turned 4, all he cared about was superheroes. He watched superheroes TV shows, wore superhero printed T-shirts and ate from superhero plates. When I wanted to have a conversation with him, I had to talk about superheroes, I guess you get the picture…

So I had no choice but sewing superhero products for him, which later became part of my product line on Etsy.

I started with the superhero plush, but I wanted it to be special so I made a superhero bunny. And then the road to superhero throw pillow, security blanket and baby blanket was short . I kind of fell in love with this line, and today it seems that my Etsy customers like this like too.

What do you think?

More info: Etsy

Superhero Bunny Plush

Superhero Bunny Throw Pillow

Superhero Bunny Blanket

Superhero Bunny Set


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