This is the first of a series of daily posts that ask everyday people the question “What were you born to do?”

“You were born to be great and do great things.” David J Smurthwaite

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It was inspired by this little guy, who When asked this by a friend responded simply “to dance and to cry”

I believe we all know we were born to be great. I hope this experiment will remind each of us of that fact and have us dive deeper into what makes us that way.

…to always be supportive, never stop learning, and work well with tiny things

She warned me upfront she didn’t photograph well, then openly shared how she was born “to serve the Lord by being a good wife and mother and grandmother.” Beautiful

…to continually create stuff that is an expression of myself in that particular moment of my life

Born to be a dad / born to love people

Born in Nigeria as the oldest daughter of 10 children, she always knew she was born to serve and praise God through song every day

…to take the most of every day

…to make myself and other people happy

…I don’t know… is that okay?

To breastfeed… even though I’ve never actually done it

Ran into this Mormon missionary on a train right outside Lyon just as he was digging into a late birthday package sent from back home in California

His response “to always be happy and healthy.” He then squealed like a little boy on Christmas morning to discover his family had sent Flaming Hot Cheetos to him from the States.

“to lead” was his response, zero hesitation have a family

…to be the better person I could be and never give up

…to make music

…to have compassion with those that struggling with things that I have learned before.