I was born in Siberia, Russia and I currently live in Moscow. I am a contemporary artist and reportage photographer. I have a vast variety of projects in my portfolio, ranging from projects made in the technique of cubism photography using mirrors “ArchAvolution” and “Amalgam” to the photo project “Sibiryaki” about the peoples of the Russian North (which required to drive more than 16 thousand kilometres), to the project about the red list of endangered species, etc.

Now, in my homeland, Siberia, a catastrophic event is occurring – more than 2 million hectares of industrial forest have been destroyed due to fire. The smoke of the fire reached the Urals. The “black sky” regime was introduced even in regions where there is no fire. The situation is aggravated by dry and calm weather.

The restoration of the forests will take at least 60 years. I will be 86 by then… I can’t be silent! So I created a series of posters about this tragedy. I burned photos and understood how powerless we are in front of the elements and how nature depends on our help.

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