A couple from Kitchener, Canada, was enjoying a smooth, sunny wedding shoot after tying the knot on Friday when groom Clayton Cook suddenly jumped into a nearby river. You’d be forgiven for thinking he was already regretting his marriage and trying to swim away, but the real reason he ruined his suit turned out to be supremely heroic.

Cook, caught on camera by photographer Darren Hatt, noticed a small child in the river in clear distress. “His face was underwater and he was fighting, like he was really fighting,” he told CTV. Without a second thought, the groom was in the water and helping the boy up to safety. “Almost as soon as I realized what was going on, he had already saved the day,” Hatt further commented.

For the bride, Brittany Cook, it all came as no surprise. “That’s Clay, like that’s Clay to me. It’s something he would just instinctively do,” she said. In addition to the inspiring moment being captured, the Cooks also got more than a few adorable post-wedding photos. Scroll down to see them all, and find out why the Internet is now hailing Clayton Cook as ‘Superman.’

This is Clayton and Brittany Cook, a couple from Kitchener, Canada, who got married last week

Image credits: Hatt Photography

Their wedding shoot in a sunny park was going smoothly, until Clayton suddenly jumped into the river

Image credits: Hatt Photography

It turned out that the groom noticed a child in distress underwater, and had leaped in to save him

Image credits: Hatt Photography

“Luckily, he was only a little guy…and I honestly just sort of hopped him up,” Cook told CTV News

Image credits: Hatt Photography

“That’s Clay… It’s something he would just instinctively do,” bride Brittany Cook said about the event

“It was like fate almost, we were meant to be there”

Praise for the sudden ‘Superman’ has been flooding the Internet since the story went viral