Paper flowers complimented our natural flowers beautifully not a single flower was left once we invited our guests to take them. Now we are selling them!! 

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Christmas Wreath


Hair clip

Green scrabble

Our wedding was board game themed so we put scrabble pieces in the green bouquet

Street festival

We made paper flowers for our own wedding. They were so popular we started to sell them

Mini I love you

Small bunch of flowers


Giant Dr Seuss

I love dr Seuss so we decided to make this one. All our books are from charity shops as we aim to give back to the community.

Paddington Bear bunch

This book was found in a charity shop window. It was shouting out for us to make a bunch.

Christmas Wreath

We decided to make a wreath for Christmas. What do you think?

Christmas Wreath

We added lights to this one!!!

Blue Christmas Wreath

Wedding bouquet

Unknowingly the bouquets matched perfectly. One bouquet is natural and one was made from paper flowers. Both beautiful only one will last forever.

Rocky Horror light

We have turned the flowers in to all year round lights.

Christmas lights

Perfect ways to decorate a Christmas tree.