You have only to look to the recent success of the animated film The Secret Life of Pets to understand the inextricable link that we humans have with our beloved pets; the film, centered around the escapades of a group of animals in New York City that get up to a series of adventures while their owners are at work, opened to a record-breaking weekend that grossed just shy of $105 million!

However, if you think about it, it’s easy enough to see how this film could be so successful; we shower our pets with treats, love, toys, and even clothes that they may or may not agree to wear. It’s really just a natural extension of this love and admiration that we are curious about what our fur-clad family members get up to when we are not at home. Do they really just sleep all day, or are they secretly raiding the fridge while listening to our CD collections at full-volume while we toil away at the office in a state of blissful oblivion?

Whether you pet is naughty or nice, as clever or as lazy as can be, just as no two human personalities are alike, so too are our pets’ personalities. It is this delightful essence – this unique individuality, that a pet portrait can capture so beautifully. Pet portraits create a permanent and loving reminder of your beloved pet’s most unique characteristics. This is why we hired 13 artists to draw our dog Kobi! Which one do you like the best? Like the drawings? Be sure to check out our interview with the artists here!

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