When this little polar bear cub waved to photographer Philip Marazzi he probably didn't expect he'd end up greeting the entire world.

Everything began when Marazzi (who's primary profession is a medical doctor) traveled to Manitoba, Canada to photograph the region's wildlife. He spotted and appropriately titled it 'Hello!'. People all around the globe fell in love with the cute image and it was even among 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards' finalists.

The internet, however, still couldn't get enough of the adorable cub, and this eventually led to a hilarious Photoshop battle. From calling a medic in Normandy during the Second World War to welcoming Coca-Cola's Santa, people are coming up with loads of amusing scenarios where this buddy's waving would seem appropriate. Scroll down to check out the images, vote for your favorites, and feel free to create and upload your own!

More info: philipmarazzi.co.uk


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#1 Old Friends

Old Friends

Franticunravel Report

Meara 1 year ago

Aww c:

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#2 3...2...1... He's Out!!

3...2...1... He's Out!!


Jeeves 1 year ago

Victory to Small One!!

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#3 Check Please!!

Check Please!!

MikeyStealth Report

Lua boots 1 year ago


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#4 Bear Cub Meets The Royal Family

Bear Cub Meets The Royal Family

no1no2no3no4 Report

Michel M. Prins 1 year ago

No, he is part of the royal family now!

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#5 Howdy, Neighbor!

Howdy, Neighbor!

bkane135 Report

Jeeves 1 year ago

I want this neighbor

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#6 Medic!


Phallic Report

runner for life 1 year ago

this reminds me of the beginning of guardians of the galaxy 2 where groot doesn't seem to notice the battle going on around him and is just there dancing :) so cute

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#7 Friendly Canadian Neighbours

Friendly Canadian Neighbours

LemonWrappedBrick Report

Momogi 1 year ago

Yesssss! I want this as my poster

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#8 #thuglife



Anne Madag 1 year ago

noooopeee XD

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#9 The Trump Effect

The Trump Effect

bloogza Report

Anne Madag 1 year ago

"somebody help me??"

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#10 Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality

segosegosego Report

Anne Madag 1 year ago

Still Beautiful.

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