If you wonder what to do with those old, dust-collecting CD piles on your desk – don’t even think of throwing them away, because we have a much, much better idea! (Not to mention that it will take over 1 million years for a CD to completely decompose in a landfill[1].)

French artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard hand-sewed together 65,000 old CDs to create an enormous 500-squere meter undulating landscape, so-called ‘Wastelandscape’ which overtakes the ‘Halle D’aubervilliers’ of Paris’s centquatre.

In the artists’ words: ‘made of petroleum, this reflecting slick of CDs forms a still sea of metallic dunes; the artwork’s monumental scale reveals the precious aspect of a small daily object.’

Website: elise-morin.com