In my obligatory military service, I had been making this visual diary in my pocket-size notebook by ballpoint-pen for 6 months. My purpose is to show people my military experience as an indsutrial designer.

More info:

1) The huge man who was captured forcefully by police officers, calmed down when he saw gendarmes
2) The soldiers who try to learn how to read on coke bottle: Ar-ka-daş-la-rım

1) 12th September 1980 alternative story “Soldiers never let the wall free.”
2) You can see such of these numbers while traveling through Matrix or lying on the bed in military ward.

How many different ways 3 soldiers use to pass the door which is forbidden
-C101- Commando style
-C102- Open sesame!
-C103- Inception
-C104- Hulk?!


1) The man, in pitiful state, is smoking the last cigarette on the way to prison
2) – “I extend your military service” themed commander scolding and Mert who is reflected on glasses


An ordinary day as a prison gendarme
1) How do prisoners are shipped to Court House
2) A man who can open handcuffs by his rosary in a second.

The most pathetic scene of my military service,
1) The young lady, attending search for her father for hours, demolished when he was found…
2) And embed pain inside her

1) Some potraits on newspaper clippings
2) What I feel like…


I have just started to draw a visual diary. These were some weird moments on my first week.
1) Commander is coming to Gendarme Station
2)  The little boy who can’t share with parents
3) Guilty confrontation

1) Village headman candidates who are discussing about cutting trees
2)  Lost girls
3)  The funeral and ceremony steps


1) Sleepless night watchman in custody
2) Fast and Furious (SBS) – a protection patrol for examination of documents

İmpressions of the real story
1) Soldiers and division of labor
2) Mission: Pavilion raid

-‘Are you afraid of me?’
-‘What if I don’t have any gun?’
-‘I wouldn’t be’
2) Soldiers and division of labor 2: How do 5 soldiers carry 5 boxes?


1) 3000m running and some technical problems
2) Division of labour 3, how do 5 soldiers clean 5 floors?

Which one is the best carrying method of linens for 5 soldiers?
-A101- Santa Claus method
-A102- Robin Hood method
-A103- Rapunzel method
-A104- Gendarme method

What is ‘şafak almak’?
– ‘Şafak almak’ , 4-stages action, is asking ‘how many days remain’ by old soldiers to humaliate new ones Here is the first ‘şafak’ of the new year


How do 5 soldiers stop movement of water in corridor?
-B101- Defensive stance, passive resistance
-B102- Crescent tactic, tactical resistance
-B103- Chaos, agressive resistance
-B104- Gandalf, is this you? “You shall not pass!”