I am lucky enough to live near the Columbia River Gorge, and am fascinated by its beauty all year round. Here are some of my favorite photos – enjoy!

In the summer the grass turns brown – but the view is still GORGEous

A waterfall and some columnar basalt – my favorite part of the gorge!

A panoramic view of the gorge near Portland

A view from Mt Hood in winter


Brown grassy hills looks like suede

There are so many waterfalls in the gorge!

Mt Hood

Windmills and brown grass – much further east than the greenery near Portland!


The replica (intact) Stonehenge near Maryhill museum and winery

A view of the gorge, closer to Portland and still green(ish)

Foggy waterfall in fall

Early spring and the fields are glowing green!

Transitioning from the green of the western gorge to the brown of the eastern gorge


A foggy day


The back of Mt. Hood

Another view in summer of the gorge