The idea of walking among the stars may seem like an over-the-top piece of romantic imagery from a sappy love song, but innovative British company Pro-Teq has brought this idea firmly back down to earth with an interesting and innovative idea for paving park paths called ‘Starpath.’

These striking self-illuminating paths are created by giving them a coating of Pro-Teq’s proprietary path surface, which absorbs energy from UV light and emits it. At night, this makes for a lightly illuminated path that helps pedestrians and bicyclists follow the path.

As Pro Teq points out, their treatment helps save both energy and time – the illuminated paths will not need as many streetlights to light them up, and the installation process is quick. A 140m trial path was completed for the city council in Cambridge in only 4 hours.

Source: Pro-Teq (via,