Are you kitten me right meow?! There’s a new Google Chrome extension that’s trying to “Make America Kittens Again” – and it’s amazing!

If you read the news often, you’re most likely tired of seeing Trump’s face everywhere online. Luckily, this new Google Chrome extension called “Make America Kittens Again” can offer you sweet relief, as it replaces images of the big guy with…you guessed it – kittens! We tested the extension and it worked great on the New York Times and Dailymail, but, unfortunately, didn’t work as well on other web pages. But hey, it’s better than nothing, right? You can download the extension here.

More info: Make America Kittens Again (h/t: neatorama)


    This is how The New York Times looks when you activate the plugin

    You can get the extension HERE

    Voilà! The Internet is pawsome again!