My name is Anita. I’m from Poland. My adventure with photography started 8 years ago. I was photographing everything during my travels: a bit of city architecture, people, and landscapes. It soon turned out that landscape is something I love to photograph most because my favorite thing in the world is nature.

During the trips, I spent hours looking for beautiful places to take pictures of. With time, I started to miss something in landscape photography. I came to the conclusion that I need a human being in my photos, but only as an addition that would reflect the scale of the majestic places that I photograph.

With time, I felt unsatisfied again. Then the idea came to my mind that in every country I visit, I should photograph a person wearing a costume typical to the region. Because I usually travel alone, I decided to photograph myself in the costumes. And so the project “Traditional world costumes” came to life.

I started to realize it in 2016 and the first country was the Czech Republic. It was not easy. In general, renting or finding costumes in many countries turned out to be impossible (Scotland), practically impossible (e.g. Norway) or very expensive (e.g. the Czech Republic or Panama, where I didn’t manage to take a picture.)

However, I knew that this project will last a very long time and even though I publish these dozens of photos from 12 different countries, it does not mean that I finished the project. It’s still ongoing.

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Nicaragua, Leon

Italia, Dolomites

Guatemala, Volcan Acatenango

El Salvador, Puerta del Diablo

Costa Rica, Rincon de Vieja

France, Provance

Norway, Lofoten

Scotland, Isle of Skye

Germany, Saxony

Czech Republic, Moravia

Spain, Tenerife

Mexico, Yukatan